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In fact, it is becoming a more common choice among lawyers as companies increase their newbie hiring. In addition, for some employers, the law firm background holds decreasing importance as candidates mature and experience increases. So, generally speaking the legal community is becoming more socialized to this hiring profile. With this said, not all employers are as flexible with their hiring criteria. Traditionalists exist who espouse to the philosophy that the best-trained lawyers cut their teeth in a law firm environment. Consequently, candidates lacking firm training raise questions…and eyebrows as to why they did not choose the traditional law firm route out of the gate. Below are a few of questions and potential concerns: Were the candidate’s law school grades subpar? Is the candidate not presentable in person? Was s/he rejected by every firm they applied to? Is there something wrong with the candidate? Does the candidate have less attractive experience? Any sort of deviation from the norm raises questions – it’s human nature. But that doesn’t have to be the death of your candidacy.

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