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Listen to your lawyer's advice and remember they work for you. Speak up if there is something your lawyer wants or says that makes you uncomfortable. Remember that your lawyer has a lot of cases; however, he or she is always on your side.

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Sometimes he may even use inaccurate job description to determine your disability and use it as basis for denial. Now that sounds like a win-win situation. Do not attempt to do this on your own; this is one of the worst mistakes you could make and may have a nasty domino effect. In no time at all and with minimal cost, you could transform your home-based business into a tough competitor and secure the very home where you live and work at the same time. It is still unclear whether or not Mendiola will survive an attempt by a creditor post-bankruptcy reform. The police or any law enforcement officers could not use statements made by the supposed criminal unless certain procedures had been followed. The fact you were not driving as if impaired makes no difference. The Appeals Council rarely grants disability benefits. However, In Re Kurd changes this slightly in that the separate character of a cash down payment can be transformed into community property by titling the home in both parties names. The loss of earnings should also be specified in the particulars of the claim.

Eight employees were fired. The reasons that so few faced criminal sanctions range from difficulty prosecuting cases in which the victims are mute and incapacitated to a reluctance on the part of co-workers to testify against one another. But a review by The Denver Post also found significant miscues in how police work initially was handled. State officials have conceded that protocols for protecting the disabled were not followed at the center, inhibiting investigations and raising concerns about a system that is supposed to provide care for as many as 12,000 intellectually and developmentally disabled people throughout the state. Two died of complications from bowel obstructions and a third was not given life-saving care after a collapse because a staffer thought there was a do-not-resuscitate order. The federal review concluded abuse at the Pueblo Regional Center was so severe that new residents should be barred from the facility and the state should have to repay millions in Medicaid funding. "Sadly, there is some dehumanization that goes on with people with significant disabilities, especially when you are dealing with a population that is non-verbal or with cognitive impairment," said Julie Reiskin, executive director of Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition. "Another big problem is the fox is watching the hen house. Nobody wants to report on their buddies, and there hasn't been a clear line of accountability." Those who escaped prosecution include a caregiver who was accused three times of sexually assaulting residents. "Your lips are soft as a baby's butt," he allegedly whispered inches away from one resident in May 2014, telling her he wanted to touch her genitals, according to allegations contained in one investigative report. He had been accused about a year earlier of coercing another resident into touching his genitals in exchange for a soda.

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The appeal process can take a long time, sometimes years. If this happens, don’t be discouraged! This means that you should describe how your Bipolar Disorder limits your everyday activities. You may be experiencing stress at work, but the claim reviewer will not consider this as disability required by your occupation. To begin the process, complete the Request for Review of Decision/Order of Administrative Law Judge and send it to your local office. In addition to properly describing your limitations, you should obtain proper medical treatment so that Social Security can obtain the medical documentation it needs to determine whether you qualify for disability benefits.